Controlled Release Fertilizer

Sustainable agriculture and fertilizer nutrition leaching
has been a serious concern for the past few years. In order to improve soil stability and crops root adsorption, we innovate and launch our Controlled Released Fertilizer to practice sustainable nutrition balanced.

Organic Fertilizer

Twin Arrow organic fertilizers are specially formulated to enhance soil structure, restoring soil vitality and improving soil capacity to retain fertilizer and water. It also helps neutralize acidic soil, loosening and promoting microbial activity in the soil.

High Water-Soluble Compound Fertilizer

Adoption of Computerize Aided Manufacturing (CAM) advanced technology to produce Steam-Granulating NPK Compound fertilizer with automation process development, our products are certified by Malaysia SIRIM MS49 Quality Standard. High water solubility fertilizer to improve better nutrients absorption and crops harvest.

Compaction Fertilizer

The process of compressing fine-granular through profiled rollers, wax-coated and homogenous nutrient product. It can help farmers to save cost and avoid dust during application onto the ground for better stability.

Granular Blend Fertilizer

The first technology developed fertilizer bulk blending machinery in Malaysia, fully automated well-balanced mixing & packing system. Using premium granular sources imported from all over the world, to customized best formulation according to user needs.

Straight Fertilizer

Twin Arrow import throughout the world and supply a variety range of straights fertilizer as well as raw materials such as Muriate of potash(MOP) , UREA, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate(MAP) , Diammonium, Phosphate(DAP)) , Ammonium Sulphate (AS) , Kieserite etc.


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