Bio-Fertmented Chicken Dung PLUS Microbe (40KG)

Certified (MyGap) organic farming source help to improve soil structure and reduce soil compaction.

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Certified (MyGap) organic farming source help to improve soil structure and reduce soil compaction.

Incorporation of effective microorganism (EM) into organic fertilizer will increase decomposition and mineralization that increase microbial diversity of soil and plant.

Bio-Fermented Chicken Dung helps to enhance crop quality and health to resist pest attack by improving their strength to withstand infestation, it’s perfect for vegetable, fruit tree, nursery and potted plants.

Bio-F.C.D + Microbe is a special formulated organic fertilizer from fully decomposed chicken dung which added Effective Microorganism(EM) and enriched beneficial & effective microorganisms in composting process. With the objectives of restoring soil vitality, retaining soil moisture and fertility, reconditioning soil pH, enhancing resistance on diseases, improving yield quality. Increasing yield production while vigorous growth and healthier root development. Organic matter and carbon source to promote microorganism’s activity in the soil.  Available in the form of powder and pellet which suits to application method in field. 

Broadcast application in circle of plant with 15 cm apart from the trunk or under the tree crown canopy. Plough into planting medium as basal dressing. 

Crop Dosage Frequency
All crops nursery polybag – small & medium 5 g per point Once in a month
All crops nursery polybag – large 5 – 10 g per point Once in a month
Nursery bed 2 – 5 g per meter Once in a month
Planting hole 1.0 – 2.0 kg per point During planting
Choy Sam, Spinach, Kangkung, Kailan, Cabbage, Long Bean, Lady Finger, Brinjal 10 – 30 g per meter Twice in a month


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