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Background & History

It is my privilege and honour to be in the industry that caters to the most vital need of humanity, namely FOOD. Food production basically in the agriculture sector, namely food crop production has been of greatest interest and concern at TWIN ARROW FERTILIZER.

Always endeavoring to bring forth better solutions and higher harvest of crops, we at TWIN ARROW FERTILIZER labour unselfishly to provide the agriculture industry more cost effective and efficient fertilizers to bring about greater produc- tivity and profitability.

Innovations in terms of new technologies and upgrading of machineries has been foremost on our agenda with no reservations on expenditure on research and quality control of our fertilizers, in order to be competitive and give the agricultural community the best it deserves.

One of our success factors at TWIN ARROW FERTILIZER is our willingness to listen to the farming and agricultural community with regards to their requirements for crop nutrients to produce a great harvest, so we tailor-made our products according to the variety of crops in this region.

We at TWIN ARROW FERTILIZER will rise to the occasion to be a farmer and planter friendly fertilizer manufacturer, and it will be a great honor to represent Malaysia as one of the nation builders, and later spreading our wings to regions beyond

本人深感荣幸,能够参与一个设法满足人类最重要需求(即粮食)的行业。农业界的粮食生产,基本上就是食 用作物的生产,而它一直都是双箭肥料有限公司所最感兴趣和关心的问题。

双箭肥料有限公司一直都无私地想方设法,为农作物寻找更佳的解决方案和提高产量的方法,为农业界提供更 具成本效益和更有效率的肥料,以让农友获得更高的产量和利润。

在科技上力求创新和采用更先进的机械,一直是我们的重要 日程。我们也不惜耗费巨资进行研究与开发,并对我们生产 的肥料实行严格的品质管制,使它在市场上更具竞争力,让 农业界获得最大的好处。

双箭肥料有限公司的成功因素之一,就是我们愿意聆听农业 与种植业人士的心声,了解能让作物丰收的养分需求,因此, 我们会根据本地区不同作物的需要,制造特定的产品。 双箭肥料同仁也将灵活地随机应变,成为对农友和 种植人友善的肥料制造商,并荣幸成为代表马来西 亚的国家建设者之一,继后再扩展业务到其他地区 去。

双箭肥料有限公司全体同仁,谨此一致向为国人供 粮和使国家经济成长的农业界敬礼。

Dato’ Lau Receiving SME Enterprise 50
2009 Award from Y.B Dato Mukhriz Tun Mahathir,
Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry

Establishing to be the Country′s Leading Brand in Compound Fertilizer