About Us


he core philosophy of Twin Arrow is to provide customers with the best quality products. In addition, Twin Arrow's red and blue brands are now easily distinguished and recognized by the agriculture sector.

Features And Advantage of Our Products

  • Round and even granules for easy absorptions.
  • High water solubility and consistency : slow and gradual release of nutrient, improving the quality and yeilds of the crops.
  • Multiple fertilizer, suitable for all crops.
  • Chemically-balanced nutrients : containing N, P, K, MgO, sulpher, Boron and various types of trace elements which provide necessary nutrients for healthy crop growth.


双箭牌的核心理念是为客户提供最高质量的产品。 不仅如此,双箭牌的红色和蓝色标志让公众在整个农业领域更易于识别和熟悉。


  • 颗粒圆整均匀,易于吸收。
  • 高水溶性,持续性强:缓慢释放养分,并持续发挥肥效,进而提高农作物的质量和延长农作物产期。
  • 多种肥料配方,适合各种用途所需。
  • 化学成分平衡和均匀:含有氮,磷,钾,镁,硫,硼及多种微量元素,提供农作物所需的养分,使农作物健康成长。

Establishing to be the Country′s Leading Brand in Compound Fertilizer