About Us


Set up in 1990, Twin Arrow Fertilizer began her business as a manufacture organic and mixture fertilizers. In line with its philosophy of producing high quality and affordable fertilizers, it has today become one of the leading NPK Compound manufacturers in Malaysia. Its two production lines in Klang Valley are producing 250,000 metric tons of fertilizers per annum. In the past 21 years, Twin Arrow Fertilizer has been supplying fertilizers for Malaysia and SEA markets, making it a household name as a manufacturer and supplier.


Relentlessly in venturing into new markets, research and development on new products, continuously upgrading its technologies and introducing state-of-the-art facilities, the company's products have become indispensable for the local farmers and planters. The excellent services it is providing have won the hearts of all of its customers, making it the best partner of the plantation sector. Twin Arrow has won many major awards over the years, such as Superbrand Award, SMI Recognition Award, Golden Bull Award, 50 ENTERPRISE Award and QMS ISO 9001:2008 Certification. With all the successes, it did not rest on its laurels. Instead, it has invested more money on research and development to produce more value for money fertilizer products to reciprocate all loyal customers of Twin Arrow fertilizer.


双箭肥料有限公司於1990年创立,主要是生产有机肥料与混合肥料。秉持着研发高品质及价廉肥料的精神,至今已成为马来西亚声誉卓著的NPK复合肥料制造商之一。巴生地区的两大生产线每年生产量已高达25万公吨. 双箭肥料在这21年里一直为马来西亚与东南亚区域提供市场所需的肥料产品,成为家喻户晓的肥料生产与供应商。


在努力不懈的开拓市场及研发产品,并不断自我提升技术 ,引进先进机械设施, 公司所生产的产品在各方面已成为本地农友和各大小园丘不可或缺的必需品。公司的卓越服务更深入民心, 至今已是种植业最佳的伙伴. 双箭肥料有限公司屡次荣获各大奖项,例如超级品牌奖, 中小型工业卓越奖,金牛奖, QMS ISO 9001:2008 国际品质管理系统认证及2009 马来西亚 50 大杰出中小企业奖。在屡获肯定后, 没有因此自满与停歇, 相反的更投入大笔资金去研发更好及物超所值的肥料产品,以回馈所有支持双箭肥料的客户.

Establishing to be the Country′s Leading Brand in Compound Fertilizer